So How’s This Work?

How does Artificial Intelligence make this the BEST Wellness App in the World?
And how are we using this to Power Research?

There are literally hundreds of thousands of medical wellness apps out there these days, with millions of users. Yet efficacy rates, rates of retention, and actual clinical outcomes are rare to see.

Unlike medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs, there is no onus on creators of these to make effective products that actually incite lifestyle changes for users. So, like many alternative medical practitioners and treatments (a $220 billion dollar industry that likes to play “the little guy”), people focus more on marketing, customer acquisition, and milking people for money as opposed to inciting REAL change.

But we at Centered Around You work differently.

Our main way of making money actually lies in our ability to sell devices that monitor your health, and environment, to keep you and your loved ones safe, and healthy at home. For instance, our revolutionary Smart Sensors can measure things like movement, breath and heart rates non invasively. and may let your loved ones know if you’ve fallen, or are developing bed sores, or if you’re having a stroke (and also monitor your sleep cycles, and make your room most sleep friendly in the most accurate fashion for just a few hundred dollars!).

And our Smart Inclining Bed – launching soon – can lift you up like a hospital bed, but for a tenth of the price, potentially lowering rates of falls, but definitely increasing the comfort of your bed too! Click here to get that NOW!

As we monitor your health, we also monitor YOU through surveys, and diaries. And through our evidence based regimes, and a deep knowledge of psychology, which artificial intelligence keeps improving, we LEARN from you and your habits, and provide you with the most effective Sleep, Diet, Exercise and advice on Goal Setting possible!

We aren’t trying to sell this to large companies through groovy looking wellness companies that are all talk, but don’t actually work (have a read of this study, and watch this video if you wanna know why. Basically, the science is made to LOOK like these programs work, when they really don’t).


That aligns US to YOUR success – it incentivises us to give you the BEST ADVICE, and to sell you the BEST PRODUCTS that’ll help you become the happiest, and healthiest version of you – something that’s never been done in the wellness space before!

That may not make as much money as nifty marketing, highly paid celebrities or influencers and flashy ads, but by offering you the BEST PRODUCT ON THE MARKET – with products SHOWN TO WORK not only through our own funding of medical research, but also through machine learning and artificial intelligence, that may improve your chances of success too!

And for the first few users, of course, we’re gonna bring you ALL of our interventions for free.

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