What is ProveIt? And how is it going to revolutionize science?

One of the biggest problems in the scientific world right now is how hard research is to do. It’s one of the most expensive, time consuming ventures there are. And that directly has an impact on a myriad of things. From drug prices, to the dissemination of misinformation that’s garnered more and more attention.

Wellness in particular, is a trillion dollar industry that thrives in this space. The absence of regulation, and the ability of firms to hide behind the word “may” can lead to nefarious players, from influencers and quacks who pedal unproven ‘miracle cures’, to large multinational players who stack the deck through misinformation.

But the thing is, a lot of actions that fall under the wellness umbrella are not only harmless, but often highly effective. From the effects of interventions like Yoga and mindfulness for various mental illnesses, to the well established impact of regular exercise in preventing and mitigating heart disease, we know being healthy is simply wise. But several vitamins and supplements, such as Co-enzyme Q10 or Fish Oil for heart disease, and non-invasive interventions like CBT, or reinforcement of routine sleep patterns to improve sleep, show promise, but are still disputed in their efficacy in the literature.

What makes it REALLY hard for these potentially wonderful, low-risk, low-cost treatments to get out there is a lack of evidence. Without proof of something working, doctors aren’t able to prescribe it. Without proof of safety, or comparisons to current treatments, health bodies can’t either. And without proof, anyone and anyone can make claims about OTHER ‘treatments’ which don’t work, and indeed, put vulnerable people, like our founder, who was almost killed by misinformation when he’d relapsed with cancer, in harm’s way.

And all of this comes back to research. Without research we don’t have proof.

Enter ProveIt.

So what does ProveIt do? How will it fix this problem.

We leverage the most important invention of our generation thus far – your phone – to power medical research.

Because right now, the wellness space is filled with a lot of question marks.

Does a glass of lemon juice really make your liver healthy?
Does Vitamin C really decrease your likelihood of getting a virus?
How effective is sleep hygiene education in improving sleep?

They’re all things that people have opinions on, but research is inconclusive about.

Trials in this space are simply too hard to conduct. Not only because there’s a distinct lack of financial motivation to invest in these ‘unprofitable options,’ but because many things in this space are simply harder to study.

How do you tell if someone’s sticking to a diet? How do you make someone fill in a sleep diary regularly?

ProveIt allows anyone, including YOU to participate in research in your spare time, on your phone, while getting rewarded for it.

We utilise the latest, evidence based strategies to motivate users to complete diaries regularly.

As a user, you can anonymously fill in surveys on your sleep, diet and exercise habits. You’re then followed up over weeks, gaining Karma Points (which you can exchange for coupons and products from your favourite brands!) and random Instant Win prizes all the while. The data collected, in statistically powerful ways, allows researchers to extrapolate trends, and powers observational research – allowing US to determine what works and what doesn’t.

But it doesn’t stop at observational research.

ProveIt will also have the capability to automatically randomize groups, in double blinded manner, to interventions. Meaning it can pump out the highest quality, most powerful studies, in weeks, for thousands, rather than millions, automatically. All whilst YOU – a user – get rewarded with a chance of getting some of the latest gadgets, the most promising protocols and treatments (not to mention those Karma Points and prizes), whilst also knowing you’re responsible for empowering science.

Centered Around You, our wellness app, will be the first of its kind to use AI to not just power research, but also tailor findings from ProveIt and the latest research being done around the world, to give you the best, most up to date advice on health.

If it doesn’t work, it won’t be on there.

This is probably the first time you’ll hear a Wellness Company say this.

So where do we begin?

Well, right now, we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

And we’ve got an app which automates research.

We’re excited to launch ProveIt’s first Beta trial in a few weeks – and invite YOU to be a part of helping figure out some of the biggest questions we have during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Do masks work?
Can Vitamin-D, Vitamin-C, handwashing, or other healthy habits reduce your chance of getting infected?
How aware of, and how much are people adhering to social distancing policies?

These are all things we’re making policy, and spending billions on, with guesswork.

Let’s find out the answer. Sign up to join the beta, and not only help us answer these, but also go ‘in the running’ to win yourself free coupons, products, and get sent free masks, supplements and gadgets that could help you and your loved ones in this time.

It’s completely free, and could help the WORLD find answers to questions we don’t know about. This is just the beginning. We intend on sticking around and making impact for years to come.


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